New Work

Consulting and Training on New Work

You desire to see more personal responsibility, authenticity and shared leadership in your company?
I have eliminated all formal hierachies in my own organization. I know what to look out for and what you get out of it.
I give you inspiration around this through practical formats focusing on „inner work competencies“. Because they are the key.

New Work means for me: Companies consistently orient their structure around the competencies of their employees.

This opens the way to an authentic leadership culture, often to shared leadership, sometimes even to complete self-organization. With my organization, Ashoka Germany, I went down the road to complete self-organization without formal hierarchies. The results were overwhelming.

Self-organization is not ideal for each and every company. But the sincere, joint exploration of what fits best is already a great step of development for a company. This is already New Work, too.

I work with companies and non-profit organizations.

My focus lies on developing “inner work competencies” of employees, which are indispensable for an authentic leadership culture. Among them are self-contact, self-reflection, conversational quality and several more. My experience shows: New Work needs inner work.

I offer a range of inspirational formats to share my experience and to offer you first steps into the topic, also together with experts of the Inner Work Alliance:

  • one-hour clarification sessions
  • two-hour short presentations
  • one-day workshops

If you are interested, we can also discuss a complete organizational development process.